Track Listing

1. Leave Me In Autumn
2. Fear Of The Dark
3. Aquarama
4. David
5. Obsessions
6. Everywhere I Go
7. Lady In The Car With Glasses On & A Gun
8. Je T'Aime C'Est La Morte
9. Your Attention Please
10. All About You
11. Silver Dream Machine
12. She's Alive
13. All About You (single version)
14. Author! Author!
15. Love Song
16. Psychomodo
17. They Came And Took Her
18. Romance by Mail




THE SCARS epitomise the post-punk new seriousness that has radically re-activated pop music, destroying the dichotomy between intelligence and emotion and confronting a whole range of different fears and desires. New pop that treats the transient thrill seriously.

New pop, the matter-realism that is today's heroic retaliation, has imagination and conviction. It screams to the outer limits, dreams to the inner limits, its themes are maudlin and magnificent and the effect is both ephemeral and complicated. Scars' challenge-pop is dominated by sexy and dazzling Paul Research guitars : a subtle fury.

Characterised by young and self-absorbed Rob King vocals : based on dreams. Balanced by curling John Mackie bass and lifting Steve McLaughlin drums: underdone disco, a good and evil duet. Producer Robert Blamire on a debut ride that is simply exceptional. Melodramatic arrangements are set in bristling, balmy space, on an edge between solemnity and sensuality, with the focus U2 didn't get on 'Boy', that Penetration almost got on 'Moving Targets'. At their most impressive - 'Leave Me in the Autumn'. 'Obsessions', 'All About You' -

The Scars decorate/deprecate melancholy mood music with trickling pop impudence. A listener can never settle, never escape the underlying struggle. The tension comes from the balance between the innocent and the sardonic, between delicate impulses and hard-headed concentration. LPs are not the place for pop music, yet The Scars have created something worth consuming and contemplating. It's only one of two long players released this year on pop labels that I'd seriously suggest you pay up and pay attention to.

Ten songs of first class fashion and post-adolescent passion.
The Scars will be stars: they're the new craze. The stage is theirs. Applause! Applause!
Paul Morley, NME 1981.

CD Description
Author! Author!, Scars' 1981 debut album, is finally available to buy on CD via Scars' own PreVS label. It has never before been available in legal digital format. The original 10 vinyl album tracks are supplemented by two cassette-only tracks and the three PRE singles, which makes it the definitive collection of Scars studio recordings. Author! Author! sounds startlingly new today, merging pop, punk, glam, disco, love and death in a unique album that confirms Scars' status as frontline pioneers of post-punk challenge-pop.


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